Family Reunion Planning? Here's Why to Add a Family Tree

It's a wonderful way to start conversations between generations. Whether a big or small gathering, adding a Family Tree can transform your reunion into an unforgettable event.

5 Family Trees for Milestone Birthdays
Is someone in your family celebrating a milestone birthday this year? Gifting a Family Tree is a meaningful way to celebrate a special birthday - sparking rich conversations and stirring fond memories.
How to Create a Family Gallery Wall
Gallery walls are so flexible - you can make them fit you.  Combining favourite family photos with a framed Family Botanic family tree, lets you create personalized and meaningful wall decor.
Botanical Prints - Art or Science?
Botanical prints are timeless - often drawn by artists who were also botanists, scientists or naturalists.  These prints provide a rich history of 1700- 1800's exploration and played an important role in the discovery of plants, animals and insects.
Our Top 5 Family Trees Perfect for the Cottage
Family and Cottage go hand in hand. Check out our top picks to add to your cottage gallery wall this summer.