How it Works

Use this guide to start building your family tree now.

Three Steps:

Step 1: Select a Design

First, consider how you want to tell the story of your family. We offer three types of family trees (scroll to learn about each kind). Then, select a design by browsing through the Shop page. After you have made your selection, check the design’s Family Size Chart to ensure that it can fit all your family members.

Step 2: Checkout

Select a) size of print and b) colour of frame. Then add to cart. Our check-out is simple and secure because we are powered by Shopify.

Step 3: Send us Your Names

Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and a simple form to collect your family names based on the design you selected. 

Estimated Processing Time

Please Note- Proofs will be provided for approval before printing of your final family tree.  Once we receive your family names, we currently offer 5 business days turn around for an initial proof.  After you review and approve the proof, we will print, frame and ship within business 5 days.  All our framed family trees are carefully packed in a sturdy box to ensure they arrive safely.

Types of Family Trees

Our family trees are sorted into three different types. Each showcases a family in a different perspective. Read about each of these types below.

Descendant Tree


Ancestor Tree


Combination Tree


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