The guide to ordering your family tree!

1. Order Your Tree

Select design, print size, and frame.

2. Complete the template

We will email you a template to collect your names after you order.

3. Review Your Proof

We will send you a proof to review and you can make any changes needed.

Processing Time

Once we receive your family names, we will send you a proof in 3 business days. Once you approve, we will print, frame and ship within 5 business days. 


All our framed family trees are carefully packed in a sturdy box to ensure they arrive safely. We provide tracking on all orders. To review all our shipping estimates and times by region, view our shipping page.

Types of Family Trees

Our family trees are sorted into three different types. Each showcases a family in a different perspective. Read about each of these types below.

Descendant Trees

This type of family tree highlights Descendants (i.e. parents, children, grandchildren) and can be designed for just the immediate family or multiple generations of descendants.

A Descendant Tree is a great personalized birthday gift for Parents or Grandparents or a memorable gift for Wedding Anniversaries

Ancestor Tree

This tree highlights Ancestors (i.e. your parents, your grandparents and great grandparents) and can be done in two styles:

Individual (or Sibling) Ancestor Tree- this is designed for one person (or siblings!) or a child. It features the parents, grandparents and can include great grandparents for that individual (or sibling).  It makes a lovely, thoughtful gift for a family member or friend ( or yourself!). 

Couple Ancestor Trees-  this is designed for couples and would feature the parents, grandparents on both sides of the couple.  It is a beautiful keepsake for friends or family getting married.  Also is a wonderful gift for parents who are interested in family history.

Combination Tree

This type of family tree is designed to showcase both descendants and ancestors on the same tree.
This type of tree works well for large families and when you want to show multiple generations (up to 6).This Combo Family Tree makes a stunning gift for milestone birthdays as well as for family members who are interested in family history.

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