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Our Story

2020 was the year that Mary (Nana, Great Grandma) was turning 90! We wanted to give her something special to mark the moment yet also something that would be very personal.

A family tree was suggested to us and so we did our research to see what options were available. We quickly saw that there were many “templates” that we could use however, they were very basic (blank squares or a “fill in a tree” with boxes). We really wanted to find something that Mary would love, be excited to share and ideally hang up so she could continue to enjoy it.

That is how we got the idea to take a botanical print and transform it into a personalized family tree. Each of our family trees starts with a historical print which we then personalize for a family. For Mary’s celebration, we wanted to showcase both her descendants (children, grandchildren and great grandchildren) as well her ancestors (her parents and grandparents). Mary’s Family Botanic shows a total of 6 generations! Mary loves her family tree and it has sparked many conversations and memories with both family and friends.We hope that you enjoy giving a Family Botanic Tree to your Mom, Dad or Grandparents as much as we did and that it will start some new conversations!

- Margot & Annie

P.S. The original design we created for Mary is in our catalogue and we named it Regal Rhatany!.