Our Top 5 Family Trees Perfect for the Cottage

Spending time at the cottage can be so rewarding. Whether at a family cottage, a friend’s cottage or a rental – it is a place where memories are made and stories are told. Sometimes told again, and again and again!

It is almost cottage season and we love thinking about where we will have a picnic, where we will go to explore, or if we will simply sit and be still.

Creating a gallery wall of memories at the cottage is a great way to capture some of the moments (and of course can help spark the re-telling of a story or two!). Including a botanical family tree on the gallery wall is a unique way to capture family and also works well with the cottage esthetic. Botanical prints look great at the cottage – a simple way to bring nature inside. We love looking at nature books at the cottage to help identify what we have seen outside. These sightings can range from plants to birds or to that fish that we almost caught!

Here are some of our top picks for a cottage gallery wall:

We love ferns - one of the first signs of Spring and meaning we are one step closer to getting a chance to spend time by the lake. Our Vintage Fern Family Botanic features a vast array of different ferns, reminding us of pressed flowers – a favourite activity at the cottage.

Thinking about Family gifts or Father’s Day gift ideas? Our North American Fish design is a unique and fun way to showcase the family. Each family member is represented by a fish and can include birthdates and birth location as well.

This design is very flexible and can also be done as a combination tree – showing both ancestors and descendants on the same tree. Looking for a more colourful range of fish? Check out our Vintage Fish design.

Three is the magic number for the Trillium – 3 leaves, 3 petals and the prefix“tri”- from Latin, meaning three - built right into its name! The theme of three also works on our Red or White Trillium design. You can easily display 3 generations (parents, children, grandchildren) on the one tree. This framed family tree design has more of really cool vintage look that would fit right in on your cottage wall.



We are always struck by the beautiful detail that we see on the butterflies and moths fluttering around paths, often wondering how do they survive their long journey north. Our Butterflies & Moth Family design has beautifully detailed drawings and the design can be done either to show ancestors, descendants or both on one tree. We love this design in a white frame and it looks great in a bedroom.  All our Family Trees come framed, ready to hang.



Spending time near water is such a treat. We love skipping stones, listening to waves and dangling our feet in the water to cool off. Collecting shells is another fun activity, amazed at what can be washed up on shore. We love the variety on our Vintage Shells design. Each vintage shell illustration represents a family member and can also include birthdates. This is a simple design that can show multiple generations on one tree. Shells would look so cute in thin white frame at a beach house.