Family Reunion Planning? Here's Why to Add a Family Tree

A Family Tree serves as more than just a decorative piece; it becomes a tool to re-connect and strengthen family connections, a catalyst for meaningful conversations and a gateway to discovering and preserving family stories. 

In this blog post, we'll explore the top reasons why a Family Tree is a great add to your family reunion.

1.  Re-Connect with Family:

Photo of Reconnecting with Family Members at a Reunion

Family reunions offer an opportunity to reconnect with relatives and forge new relationships.  A Family Tree acts as a unifying symbol, reminding everyone of their shared heritage and the ties that bind them together.  It creates a sense of unity, emphasizing the importance of family in our lives.  By incorporating a Family Tree into your reunion, you are providing a visual representation of this interconnectedness and helping to foster a sense of belonging. 

2.  Spark Memorable Conversations Between Generations:

Photo of memorable conversations between generations

A Family Tree's illustration of family members across the different generations  encourages conversations about shared ancestry, long-lost relatives and forgotten family tales.  The Tree becomes a focal point, drawing family members of all ages together to ask questions, and deepen their understanding of their collective history.  By promoting these conversations, it ignites a sense of belonging and how they fit within the larger family narrative.

3. Unearthing Family Stories:

Photo of Old Photo Album that can help start telling family stories from the past

Every family has a treasure trove of stories waiting to be discovered.   A Family Tree acts as a catalyst for unearthing these stories and preserving them for future generations.  As family members gather around the Family Tree print, they can share anecdotes, memories and experiences that bring the past to life.  From tales of resilience and triumph to humorous mishaps and cherished traditions, the Family Tree becomes a gateway to the rich tapestry of the family's history.   

4.  Creating Stronger Bonds:

Photo of family members around a campfire

A Family Tree serves as a tangible reminder of family connections. By visually mapping out these relationships, the Tree helps reinforce the importance of maintaining and nurturing family ties.  These shared connections create stronger bonds and helps foster a sense of unity among family members.  

Sharing the Tree

The Family Tree can be a centre piece at the reunion.  Hang it on the wall or lay it on the table near the entrance so people can see it on their way in.  Kids will love looking at the Family Tree print - seeing a visual representation of their family.   

Take the Memories with You

Additional printed copies of the Family Tree can be given to family members as a reunion party favour.  Your Family Tree will look great on a Gallery Wall at home.  Here is a link for some inspiration on how to create your Family Gallery Wall.

Get the Tree Started

Don't have the information for your Family Tree?  Your family reunion is a great place to start collecting the information to build your Family Tree.  Leave a sheet of paper on each table or hang up a Bristol board for family members to add in their names and dates.

Our Top 3 Picks for Your Family Reunion Tree

1.  Magnolia Family Tree

Image of Magnolia Tree Family Botanic in Black Frame

This vintage botanical art of a magnolia tree, with showy white blooms and contrasting large green leaves, is a beautiful way to illustrate your family. The design works well for larger families (up to 6 children and spouses if applicable) and can show up to 5 generations on one tree.

2.  Butterfly & Moth Family Tree 

Image of Large Butterfly & Moth Family Tree design

 This beautifully detailed collection of butterflies & moths is a striking way to showcase your family tree. There is room for everyone on the tree and each family member can have their own distinctive butterfly!  

3. Orchard Family Tree Design 

Lifestyle image of Orchard Family Tree Design in Family Room

This design works well for a descendent tree (i.e. parents, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren) and can easily work for up to 5 generations.  Every family member will have their own unique piece of fruit and the design can also include birthdates. 

Click Here to see more of our designs that could work as your Family Reunion Tree. 

A family tree is not merely a decorative element but a powerful tool that enriches family reunions in countless ways.  By incorporating a family tree into your next family reunion you provide an opportunity for generations to come together, share their stories and create lasting memories.  So, whether you're planning a small gathering or a large-scale reunion, consider adding a family tree to the mix and watch it transform your family reunion into an unforgettable event.