How to Create a Family Gallery Wall

How to create a Family Gallery Wall -Living Room

1.  Why Make a Gallery Wall?

Got an empty wall in your home that you don’t know what to do with? Gallery walls are a perfect solution. They are flexible to fit in any space and they can be personalized with family photos and pieces of art. Often we have favourite pieces that are too small on their own but when grouped together with others, they create interesting and customized wall décor. For inspiration, below are some Gallery Walls we love:

Gallery Wall Example Family Room
Family Gallery Wall Entry Wall Lifestyle image
Gallery Wall Bedroom Lifestyle Image

2. Choosing a location

Just like in real estate, deciding location is a key first step to building a gallery wall. There are so many great locations you can use. There is no right or wrong – it really depends on what works for you and your space. Below are some of our top picks:

  1. Above the sofa;  
  2. In the kitchen or family room;
  3. Going up the stairs;
  4. In a hallway or entry way;
  5. In a bedroom;
  6. With shelves or with a mirror.
Family Gallery Wall above the Couch or Sofa
Gallery Wall with Shelves

3. Selecting Photos and Art for the Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are so flexible – you can make them fit you. Mix & match your favourite pieces. Combining family photos with framed art or prints makes for truly customized wall décor. You can narrow down your selection process by deciding on a theme. Some top themes are family pics, nature, or a common frame colour (we love the look of a thin white or thin black frame). Botanical prints have been a staple in gallery walls. Including a Family Botanic family tree as part of your gallery wall, lets you achieve that vintage look and make it meaningful for your family too.
(how to choose a family tree design)

Gallery Wall with Landscape Images Family Photos

4.  Planning your Layout

Once you have got your location & pieces selected, map out your layout so you can see what looks best. There are so many great templates out there to help you build a layout that works for you. Here are some suggested ideas for gallery wall layouts.

Gallery Wall Template Layout ideas

5.  Gallery Wall Hanging Tips

Tips on hanging a gallery wall

You are ready now to put it all together! Here are some pointers to help you get that gallery wall hung up straight and looking great! 

Where to hang:

  • If hanging above a piece of furniture (for example a couch or entry way table) plan that the bottom of your lowest frame be about 20-25 cm (8-10 inches) above the top of your furniture piece.
  • If hanging on an empty wall, target to have the centre of the whole gallery wall arrangement be about 145 cm above the floor (57 inches). Why this height? It is the eye-height of the average person! 

Watch the spacing:

  • Target to keep consistent spacing between each piece on your gallery wall. Rule of thumb is 8 – 15 cm (3-6 inches) of space between the pieces.
  • Allow for more space between larger pieces while you can put your smaller items closer together.

Make it straight:

  • Use a level to check that each picture is hanging straight.